Statement from Aamer Anwar on New investigation.


We welcome this announcement (SEE BELOW).

Over two weeks ago we provided a detailed dossier of allegations of perjury, phone hacking and breach of data, to Strathclyde police and called for a robust investigation. We understand that Strathclyde have since met with the Metropolitan Police and obtained the 11,000 pages of the Glen Mulcaire notebook and are cross referencing data we provided to them.

What we have seen in England is the tip of the iceberg. The orginal Metroploitan Police Inquiry failed in its public duty to contact the potentially hundreds of scottish victims that they may have been subjected to illegal activities by the News of the World.

Over Two Million pounds was spent by the police on investigating Mr and Mrs Sheridan and we were told it was in the public interest. I expect now to see a similar ruthlessness and determination in dealing with the News of the World.

The Prime Minister has already announced the Public Inquiry will extend to Scotland and we would expect it to look at the allegations of corruption in Lothian and Border Police amongst other matters, it really is time that all political parties in Scotland had the guts to speak out on this issue.

From: Crown Office


The Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service have today confirmed that a Strathclyde Police investigation into claims of phone hacking and breaches of data protection in Scotland has commenced.

The Crown had previously asked Strathclyde Police to make a preliminary assessment of the available information and the evidence given by certain witnesses in the trial of Tommy Sheridan following allegations made against the News of the World newspaper.

The preliminary assessment has concluded. Strathclyde Police have now reviewed the available information and following liaison with the Area Procurator Fiscal at Glasgow the Crown has instructed an investigation should commence.

The investigation will be progressed expeditiously and in close liaison with the Area Procurator Fiscal and Crown Counsel. Significant resources will be deployed though these will vary with the needs of the investigation.

The investigation will cover the following:

1. Allegations that witnesses gave perjured evidence in the trial of Tommy Sheridan.

2. Allegations that, in respect of persons resident in Scotland, there are breaches of data protection legislation or other offences in relation to unlawful access to personal data.

3. Alleged offences determined from material held by the Metropolitan Police in respect of ‘phone hacking’ (Contraventions of the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000) and breaches of data protection legislation in Scotland.

4. Alleged instances of police corruption linked to items 2 and 3 above, in respect of the unlawful provision of information or other personal data to journalists or persons acting on their behalf.

Having investigated these matters Strathclyde Police will report to the Area Procurator Fiscal at Glasgow and Crown Counsel.




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2 responses to “Statement from Aamer Anwar on New investigation.

  1. iain brown

    just read about the shetland teenager accused of cyber hacking various corporations and SOCA (serious organised crime agency) has had a curfew placed upon him from 10pm till7am,and also electronically tagged.he hasd of course yet to be tried,let alone found guilty.contrast his treatment to the murdochs,coulson,brooks note that Jim Devine has been freed after serving a quarter of his 16 months tariff. by that yardstick Tommy should be released in early october.

  2. Surreptitious Evil

    Why is the Crown Office insisting, as did the heathen south, that “hacking into voicemail” can only be investigated with regard to RIPA offences, as opposed to s1 and s3 (prosecution for s2 is rare and generally pointless – if you are going to get up-to-5 years for the enabled offence, why bother taking on a concurrent up-to-12 months for the s2?) offences under the Computer Misuse Act? Frankly, as has been seen, there is insufficient case law around the RIPA interception offences (especially concerning the precise practical meaning of the statute phrase “in course of its transmission” wrt voicemail – especially ones that have already been listened to by the intended recipient.)

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