Rangers, a Parable

In which I try and summarise the legal disputes over Rangers FC in handy story form.


Rangers FC, A Parable.
Imagine that you go to the “Govan Cafe.” every Saturday afternoon for lunch. As you tuck into pie,chips and beans, what you don’t know is that the Craig, the cafe owner, has not been paying Hector, the pie supplier, for months. Hector is so angry that he has went court to get an order to recover what he is owed. As Craig has no cash to pay Hector Judge Smith orders Govan Cafe Ltd to be liquidated and on Monday morning, for the first time since 1872, the Govan Cafe doesn’t open. The assets are handed to local accountants Fuff and Delps to recover what money they can.
However on Tuesday Charles, a local businessman,  approaches the accountants and makes an offer for the business. They agree a price and Charles takes over the premises, the pie and bean oven and even re-employs Walter the cook and Ally the waiter. Charles arranges for the Govan cafe to re-open on Friday morning just before you arrive for your usual tasty lunch.
While you are polishing off your pie, chips and beans the owner of the rival Irish eatery, Michael, appears to tell you this is not the same cafe you know and love. You protest, Walter and Ally are serving the same delicious pies they always have, it’s still the Govan Cafe that you, your father and your father’s father have always eaten in. You shout that Michael has always been jealous of the most successful cafe in Scotland and he is lying, because he is a “hater.” how could anyone sane deny that the history of the Govan cafe lives on?
Michael laughs at you and  says everyone knows the the cafe is dead and this is a new eating place, he even calls you a “gullible idiot,” for believing that the Govan Cafe still exists. 
Who is right?

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